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Fathom work at the forefront of global flood prediction and analytics. Formed in the pioneering Hydrology Research Group at the UoB, their ambition is to push the boundaries of science and become ‘the’ global resource for flood-risk data and modelling.

In a time of environmental upheaval, demand for their expertise is ever increasing. They recognised that in order to take their company to the next level they needed a brand identity that would support their ambition.


Fathom’s former name, SSBN, was derived from the names of the four company founders and changing it wasn’t part of the brief.

During early discussions we suggested to them that, whilst not necessarily a bad name, it wasn’t communicating anything about the brand. Renaming would also be an opportunity to distinguish them from their competitors, who also favoured acronyms and initials.

In a moment of serendipity the name came to us almost before the naming process had begun. We knew it was a perfect fit so rather than continuing we shared it with the client where it was met with immediate enthusiasm and approval.


At it’s most basic, Fathom create their maps by laying a grid of squares over the planet and then colouring them to indicate water coverage and depth.

Taking inspiration from this process, and the constantly changing flood landscape, we proposed an animated identity, rather than a single fixed marque.

The strapline ‘Flood risk intelligence’ can be read as ‘intel’ about potential risk as well as the intellectual capacity of the brand and the good sense in using their information.


Fathom’s clients range from Insurance companies and Blue Chips to environmental NGO’s and disaster relief agencies.

All communication was designed to make their proposal and methodology accessible to anyone, regardless of scientific understanding. Presenting information in an engaging and visually arresting way became a key aspect of the new brand identity.


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