John Doe / Brand identity, website & comms

John Doe are a multi-award winning creative communications agency delivering earned media for world famous lifestyle clients.

Initially the idea of renaming was mooted by the client as part of the rebrand. However we felt that there was too much inherent value in the name. And if we considered the meaning of ‘John Doe’ in terms of identity or rather lack of a fixed, known identity, it could be something to build on.

John Doe are part of an extended, growing network of influencers, talent, creatives and the communities that they connect with. Their collective knowledge feeds the agency, and their connections feed ideas and inspiration. In effect their extended network are all John Doe.

Inspired by the iconic movie line ‘I am Spartacus’, ‘I AM JOHN DOE’ was initially proposed as a device for use on the website. However the client reacted so positively to it we decided that as a non-traditional agency it would make the perfect brand identity.

An impactful use of type and image together with a clear grid structure was developed for use across all comms, with optimisation for mobile devices in mind.



Built on a flexible grid system, a complete set of case studies was created. Information is delivered with a bold and direct, punchy style with the all-important project results given prominence.


The bold, graphic style is continued in the proposals template. The flexible grid, and bold use of photography and type allows the client to easily create impactful presentations.

Shot in and around Shoreditch we photographed the entire agency in a direct ‘straight-ups’ fashion blog style, a perfect fit with the brand.


As a brand built on personal relationships, John Doe’s business card is an important part of any meeting.

Chosen for it’s eye melting colour and perfect name, Pastel Heart Attack, the cards are deeply embossed for maximum impact.


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